Organizing technology
in the classroom

An all-in-one app that puts teachers in control of technology and streamlines the academic experience

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Use Technology as a Tool,
Not a Distraction

Integrate's Mobile Device Management keeps teachers in control of technology in the classroom by easily enabling or disabling applications in real-time. Parents can rest assured that their child isn't playing games in class and students can spend time preparing themselves for the future.

Save Time Managing Lessons
and Spend Time Teaching Them

Take your existing Learning Management System to the next level to cut down the time spent taking attendence, marking assignments, and archiving documents. With all the extra time, teachers can do what they do best—teach!

Your Curriculum.
Your Agenda. Better.

Schools can keep their existing books, lesson plans, and apps as well as add new content in the future. We don't want to change what you do; we just want to make it better.

About Integrate

Integrate is a tech company that is dedicated to innovation and customer satisfaction. Our mission is to create products that redefine the customer experience, help to promote a clean world, and make things more affordable. We are a humble team of passionate people who truly want to make the world a better place.


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