For most, the pursuit stops with the Idea. For us, it begin there.

Being skilled in broad spectrum of graphic design coordination and technology enthusiast with special strength in conceptualization and designing – Logos, Brochures, Catalogs, Packaging, Labels, Flyers, Websites, App Design, Banners, Ads, Newsletters, Magazines, Posters, Book Covers, Coffee table books and so on. I look forward to assignment that challenge my creativity, stretch my management skills and give a chance to know more of technology.

Aman Singh - Graphic Designer and Photographer linkedin instagram

My Style is relaxed and simple. I’m not conventional by any means. I work until it’s done which tends to mean nights and weekends. It’s more a lifestyle than just a job.

I took everything I learned in college about Graphic Design, Photography and Computers and put it to work. While I am able to work on a wide variety of projects, my specialty is in design and production of large scale projects. I have a unique quality of making my right and left brain work together – great for organizing large amount of information and making in presentable.

Public Relations

Huma Khalid -Public Relations

Having begun her career years ago working in-house for a Photographic and Design Studio, her depth of experience is undoubtedly as asset. With a wealth of PR knowledge behind her. Now partnering with GC to create a fantastic team covering all aspects of creative thinking, she believes that chemistry matters. In fact, it’s essential. Before embarking on a journey with any potential new clients, we have to ensure that together we have the right spark to take their business forwards.